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New “The Bigger Picture: Design – Women – Society” exhibition


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25.11.22 – 14.05.23

The Bigger Picture: Design – Women – Society

The Bigger Picture: Design – Women – Society
Women have made a decisive contributions to the development of modern design. Nevertheless, for many years their achievements were not adequately recognized. The show provides a forum for a contemporary and forward-looking discussion..

Forthcoming exhibitions

Textilindustrie & Artists in Residence
21.04.23 – 18.06.23
PreviewTextilindustrie & Artists in Residence
The TaDA (Textile and Design Alliance) cultural promotion programme enables creative people from all disciplines to engage in an artistic exploration of the textile and design culture of Eastern Switzerland, which is both innovative and rich in tradition. This special presentation offers an insight into the pilot project.
The Imaginary House: Uwe Wittwer, Aiko Watanabe, Jürg Halter
09.06.23 – 22.10.23
PreviewThe Imaginary House: Uwe Wittwer, Aiko Watanabe, Jürg Halter
The painter Uwe Wittwer, the ceramist Aiko Watanabe and the poet Jürg Halter are engaged in a stimulating artistic interchange. The starting point of their collaboration is the Japanese cult film “Tales of the Pale and Silvery Moon After the Rain” by Kenji Mizoguchi.
Mining Photography. The Ecological Footprint of Image Production
22.09.23 – 21.01.24
PreviewMining Photography. The Ecological Footprint of Image Production
Ever since its invention, photography has relied on the extraction and exploitation of natural resources. In the 19th century these were salt, copper and silver, in the age of digital photography and smartphones, image production requires rare earths and other metals.
Perfectly Imperfect – Flaws, Blemishes and Defects
24.11.23 – 12.05.24
PreviewPerfectly Imperfect – Flaws, Blemishes and Defects
Mistakes occur, accidents happen, things get damaged. This is part of our everyday experience, and we learn to use various strategies to cope with imperfection. Errors also crop up in the material world of design and manufacturing, because of poor decisions and carelessness, technical deficiencies and design faults, or the intractable nature of the materials themselves. The consequences are ranging from minor blemishes right through to disastrous production failures.


Fotos: Michael Lio

Please feel free to touch! From glass, metal, wood, paper, plastic and stone to ceramics, colour pigments, textiles and leather – the permanent MATERIAL ARCHIV exhibition is an interactive laboratory for studying materials. It is like a vast, three-dimensional textbook with an online database, some 1,000 specimen materials, experiment tables, video and audio stations and a library, all offering an in-depth yet enjoyable way of finding out about the world of materials. The MATERIAL ARCHIV is thus a fun learning opportunity, as well as a place where interested members of the public, specialists and students of all ages can carry out research and make discoveries.

Permanent exhibition

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