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27.05.18 – 04.11.18

Hello, Robot.

Hello, Robot.
Design between Human and Machine: Whether in the form of delivery drones, smart sensors or Industry 4.0, in recent years robotics has found its way into our everyday lives, changing them in fundamental ways.
Built by robots
27.05.18 – 28.10.18
Built by robots
How are complex clinker brick façades created using a digital process that relies on robot technology throughout? A special presentation accompanying the MATERIAL ARCHIV and the “Hello, Robot.” exhibition provides an insight.

Forthcoming exhibitions

Times of Waste − the residue
21.09.18 – 17.03.19
PreviewTimes of Waste − the residue
“Times of Waste” follows a smartphone and its component parts as they are shipped and recycled, encountering landfill sites and shredders, repair shops, research laboratories and a variety of materials and people along the way.
Rock Print Pavilion
04.10.18 – 04.11.18
PreviewRock Print Pavilion
A robot builds for people: Gramazio Kohler Research from ETH Zurich demonstrates the transformative power of digital construction processes by creating a pavilion out of a heap of loose aggregates tied up with twine by a robot.
Food Revolution 5.0
02.12.18 – 28.04.19
PreviewFood Revolution 5.0
What will the future of human nutrition look like? Will we be growing vegetables in indoor farms or feasting on algae proteins and mealworms? International designers present concepts and visions for designing the global nutrition system.


Fotos: Michael Lio

Please feel free to touch! From glass, metal, wood, paper, plastic and stone to ceramics, colour pigments, textiles and leather – the permanent MATERIAL ARCHIV exhibition is an interactive laboratory for studying materials. It is like a vast, three-dimensional textbook with an online database, some 1,000 specimen materials, experiment tables, video and audio stations and a library, all offering an in-depth yet enjoyable way of finding out about the world of materials. The MATERIAL ARCHIV is thus a fun learning opportunity, as well as a place where interested members of the public, specialists and students of all ages can carry out research and make discoveries.

Permanent exhibition

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