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We send out regular media information about our exhibitions and activities, as well as invitations to our media briefings. To be added to our media address list or inform us of a change of address, please contact Media Relations. Media Relations will also be happy to deal with bookings for media briefings, requests for specific information or exhibition tours, and orders for our comprehensive media package.

Media information is available in German only.

Media material for current exhibitions

24.11.2023 – 12.05.2024

Perfectly Imperfect – Flaws, Blemishes and Defects

Perfectly Imperfect – Flaws, Blemishes and Defects
Mistakes occur, accidents happen, things get damaged. This is part of our everyday experience, and we learn to use various strategies to cope with imperfection. Errors also crop up in the material world of design and manufacturing, because of poor decisions and carelessness, technical deficiencies and design faults, or the intractable nature of the materials themselves. The consequences are ranging from minor blemishes right through to disastrous production failures.
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01.03.2024 – 01.09.2024
Blood & Dust – Putting waste material to good use
Blood & Dust – Putting waste material to good use
Something is always wasted when materials are extracted and processed. At industrial manufacturing plants, construction sites and workshops, and during the process of making, finishing and packaging the end products, the material left over is often incinerated, dumped or exported.
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Media material for forthcoming exhibitions

07.06.2024 – 27.10.2024
Maarten Baas – New Times
PreviewMaarten Baas – New Times
In his series “Real Time”, Maarten Baas plays around with the motif of clocks and sheds light on the phenomenon of time. The Dutch designer has been developing this series, for which he designs clocks in different forms, since 2009. These are complex works in which the time of day is represented through film clips.
20.09.2024 – 16.03.2025
Workshop Show with Dafi Kühne
PreviewWorkshop Show with Dafi Kühne
Swiss designer Dafi Kühne combines contemporary graphic design with old printing technology in a uniquely creative way. In addition to digital design and production tools, he uses letterpress printing equipment dating from the 1960s, traditional type made of lead or wood, laser-cut woodblocks, plastic printing plates and hand-cut linoleum.
22.11.2024 – 11.05.2025
Lighten Up! In the Rhythm of Day and Night
PreviewLighten Up! In the Rhythm of Day and Night
The planet on which we live revolves, day alternates with night and the length of the day changes with the seasons. All living organisms have internalized this external light-dark cycle as a type of biological clock which enables them to adapt their behaviour and bodily functions appropriately.

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