27.05.18 – 28.10.18

Built by robots

Logo Built by robots
Logo Built by robots
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How are complex clinker brick façades created using an end-to-end digital process that relies on robot technology from the initial design through to production? Between 2008 and 2012 the Swiss company Keller Systeme AG collaborated with Gramazio Kohler Research/ETH Zurich to conduct a number of research projects on the development of wall systems of this kind. Keller Systeme AG is the only manufacturer of such systems in the world today.

A special presentation in the MATERIAL ARCHIV accompanies the “Hello, Robot.” exhibition. It describes the wall system technique and shows some representative examples from Switzerland and abroad. An interactive installation enables visitors to design and alter virtual façades for themselves.

In cooperation with Keller Systeme AG and ROB Technologies AG.

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