29.11.2020 – 22.08.2021

Hella Jongerius – Breathing Colour

Logo Hella Jongerius – Breathing Colour
Logo Hella Jongerius – Breathing Colour
Photos: Bernd Grundmann; Roel van Tour
The Dutch designer Hella Jongerius is internationally famous for her unique approach to colours and materials.

“Breathing Colour” presents room-size installations which the designer uses to explore the impact of colour and how it is perceived. Our environment offers a rich assortment of colours, but we rarely appreciate their almost boundless diversity and transformative ability.

Colour, material, light and shadow

Photos: Roel van Tour; Bernd Grundmann

Hella Jongerius’ studies of the phenomenology of colour examine a fundamental yet under-appreciated aspect of contemporary design. With the help of compelling three-dimensional shapes, careful grouping and a diversity of textile works, she raises awareness and heightens perception of hues, shades and reflections. She uses colour, material, light and shadow to create an almost endless variety of colour effects as they appear at different times of the day – morning, noon and evening. Going far beyond the usual standard colour systems, the designer gives colours the scope to reveal themselves anew – or even, as she puts it, enables them to breathe. 

The works of Hella Jongerius have already been exhibited in numerous international museums and galleries, including MoMA in New York and Galerie Kreo in Paris. “Breathing Colour” was developed in collaboration with the Design Museum of London.

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