01.03.20 – 22.11.20

Anna Rubin – Built in the air – Extended!

Logo Anna Rubin – Built in the air – Extended!
Logo Anna Rubin – Built in the air – Extended!
Fotos: Michael Lio; Anna Rubin
The Austrian installation artist Anna Rubin is fascinated by flight. She builds flying objects of all shapes and sizes that can float on the breeze – thus defying gravity. In order to realize her vision of flight, Anna Rubin’s works unite handicrafts with material, tradition with knowledge, technical expertise with art, and freedom with wind. The results are shaped by the crafting process and an understanding of the mechanics of flight, just as the designer’s flying objects are stamped with her creative hallmark.

Anna Rubin has developed “Built in the air” especially for the Gewerbemuseum Winterthur, where her work is also on display in the “Feathers – warmth, seduction, flight” exhibition. Additionally, the artist is holding two workshops in which she demonstrates how to make kites – and how to fly them.

“I set my foot upon the air and it carried me.”
Hilde Domin

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