26.05.19 – 03.11.19

Ernst Gamperl – Dialogue with wood

Logo Ernst Gamperl – Dialogue with wood
Logo Ernst Gamperl – Dialogue with wood
Photo: Michael Lio; Bernhard Spöttel
Wood is the great passion of the internationally renowned German artist and wood turner Ernst Gamperl. He creates objects out of green wood using a fascinating method by which he ingeniously allows the natural drying process to help shape the pieces. Ernst Gamperl has revolutionized the technique of wood turning, thereby setting completely new standards for this craft. He is particularly interested in entering into a dialogue with the living material, working with strong shapes and embracing unpredictability. Cracks and fractures, knots and irregularities are therefore deliberately integrated into his designs in a controlled manner. As an artist in wood who often works at the very limit of what is technically feasible, he creates large-scale sculptures with a unique design quality.

Following a series of exhibitions that attracted international attention and were particularly well received in Japan and Korea in recent years, Ernst Gamperl’s “Tree of Life” project, which is based on and inspired by a 230-year-old oak tree felled in a storm, is now being shown for the first time at the Gewerbemuseum Winterthur. In a process lasting ten years, Gamperl has transformed the entire, massive tree into a unique collection of diverse vessels and objects.

Photos: Niklas Goslar; Bernhard Spöttel

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