01.12.2019 – 01.11.2020

Feathers – warmth, seduction, flight – Extended!

Logo Feathers – warmth, seduction, flight – Extended!
Logo Feathers – warmth, seduction, flight – Extended!
Photos: Seamus Murphy: “PJ Harvey” ; Bethan Huws: “Table of Feathers” ; Graphicdesign: sofies.ch
Anyone who has ever snuggled into a cosy down jacket or curled up and fallen blissfully asleep under a light feather duvet knows that feathers are one of nature’s marvels. They are both commonplace and amazing. A bird’s body is covered with thousands of feathers, including contour feathers, down, bristle feathers and many other highly specialized kinds, each with their own function in the bird’s plumage. Feathers are used for keeping warm, cool or dry, for adornment and for camouflage. At the same time, the flight feather is an aerodynamic masterpiece which enables birds to achieve something people have dreamed of for millennia – flight.

Photos: Bernd Grundmann

The “Feathers” exhibition pays homage to this extremely complex keratinous structure, exploring its seductive beauty and multiplicity of shapes. Light is shed on the ingenious versatility of feathers, their use as cultural objects and their current significance in the realms of design, art and pop culture. In addition, feathers can serve as a starting point for considering particular aspects of the relationship between human beings and animals. The exhibition therefore also takes a critical look at the trade in bird feathers, as well as examining the human passion for building flying objects in imitation of nature.

With works by:

Mehdi Alibeygi (IR) / Glen Baghurst (SE) / Walter Van Beirendonck (BE) / Yoann Bourgeois (FR) / Christian Braga (BR) / Jessica Broscheit (DE) / Heike Buchfelder (DE) / Marion Delarue (FR) / Ann Demeulemeester (BE) / Ulrich Eller (DE) / Kat Frankie (AU) / Douglas Freitas (BR) / Lucy Glendinning (GB) / Natalia Gomes (BR) / Johann Hallin (SE) / PJ Harvey (GB) / Iris van Herpen (NL) / Hermann Holzhauser (DE) / Thomas Horvath (CH) / Bethan Huws (GB) / Maxime Leroy (FR) / Ingo Maurer (DE) / Kate MccGwire (GB) / Martina Meier (CH) / Phia Ménard (FR) / Gustav Mesmer (DE) / Janaina Milheiro (FR) / Daniela Misteli (CH) / Seamus Murphy (IE) / Julie Nioche (FR) / Ursula Palla (CH) / Andre Pinces (GB) / Paola Pivi (IT) / Michael Quetting (DE) / Anna Rubin (AT) / Lothar Schiffler (DE) / Jakob Schlaepfer (CH) / Supaman (US) / Talbot Runhof (DE) / Mario Testino (PE) / Betony Vernon (FR) / Timo Wright (FI) / Tainá Xavier (BR) / Zhao Chuang (CN) / and much more

With friendly support from: 

Birdlife Zürich, Eker Daunen Manufaktur, Max Planck Institut für Ornithologie, Naturmuseum Winterthur, Schweizerische Vogelwarte Sempach

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