02.12.18 – 28.04.19

Food Revolution 5.0

Logo Food Revolution 5.0
Logo Food Revolution 5.0
© Paul Gong, Foto: Andrew Kan; © Johanna Schmeer
Food is a symbol of life itself, giving us an identity, a sense of home, and many of the cultural and social rules we live by. Whereas cooking food was human beings’ first cultural act and thus marked the beginning of civilization and craftsmanship, in today’s affluent society food is rapidly evolving into a creative means of self-expression and a substitute for religion. At the same time, the constant growth of the world’s population, along with climate change, resource scarcity, hunger and poverty are placing increasing demands on human health and hygiene, making it urgently necessary to rethink our methods of food production, packaging, distribution, consumption and disposal.

Design for tomorrow’s society

© Tom Mannion; © Klaus Pichler


“Food Revolution 5.0” grapples with some of the most pressing issues of the 21st century: What will the future of human nutrition look like? Will we be eating meat, growing vegetables in indoor farms or feasting on algae proteins and mealworms? New models of thinking and practice in relation to the food of tomorrow are devised in our speculative laboratory. International designers present their concepts and visions for designing the global nutrition system. Suggestions for best practice are found alongside hypothetical projects illustrating possible future scenarios. 

A collaboration with the Museum of Arts and Crafts (MKG), Hamburg.

Media conference

Friday, 30 November 2018 – 11 a.m. 
With an introduction to the exhibition and a joint tour of the exhibition.

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