22.11.2024 – 11.05.2025

Lighten Up! In the Rhythm of Day and Night

Logo Lighten Up! In the Rhythm of Day and Night
Logo Lighten Up! In the Rhythm of Day and Night
The planet on which we live revolves, day alternates with night and the length of the day changes with the seasons. All living organisms have internalized this external light-dark cycle as a type of biological clock which enables them to adapt their behaviour and bodily functions appropriately. Our modern, urban way of life and the consequent desynchronization between inward and outward time affects the circadian rhythms of animals and plants, as well as human beings.

“Lighten Up!” uses approaches drawn from art and design to consider the link between living organisms and the natural cycle of light and darkness. The works celebrate the power and beauty of daylight, introduce us to the secrets of biological clocks, offer alternative representations of time and probe the mysteries of sleep and dreams. “Lighten Up!” reminds us not only of the passage of the sun across the sky, but also of our need for regular exposure to natural light for a healthy life. Let’s regain the night and lighten up the day!

An exhibition by EPFL Pavilions Lausanne with additions by the Gewerbemuseum Winterthur

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