06.03.22 – 23.10.22

Picture books: illustration & interpretation

Logo Picture books: illustration & interpretation
Logo Picture books: illustration & interpretation
Marta & ich, It’s Raining Elephants, Atlantis Verlag, 2017; Les Robes, G. Zullo, Albertine, Editions La Joie de lire, Genève, 2014
Simple tales full of wit and poetry are brought to life as we eagerly turn the pages of picture books, whose illustrations transport us to other worlds. As vehicles for meaning, picture books speak to the reader (or storyteller) in a very direct way. Their illustrations allow us to enjoy the delight of discovery as well as the comfort of familiarity. At the same time, there is always something new to be found in picture books. The longer we look at them, the more multilayered and complex their content becomes – yet they still form a coherent whole. How do picture books achieve this?

The exhibition explores the types of visual narrative found in contemporary picture books, with particular attention to their singular immediacy. It brings stories to vivid life for children and adults alike, and investigates the creative process of picture book production. From jaunty colours to minimalist grey tones, from immaculate digital images to rough sketches, and from pop-ups to perforated pages, the design possibilities seem endless. The show also takes a look inside the studios of Swiss illustrators and examines reading aloud as a cultural activity.

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