25.11.22 – 14.05.23

The Bigger Picture: Design – Women – Society

Logo The Bigger Picture: Design – Women – Society
Logo The Bigger Picture: Design – Women – Society
Julia Lohmann; Nanda Vigo
Women have made decisive contributions to the development of modern design, whether as designers of furniture, fashion, graphics or industrial products, or as architects, entrepreneurs or – just as importantly – as university teachers. Nevertheless, for many years their achievements were not adequately recognized, and a glance at the history of design shows that it is marked by stereotypical beliefs and traditional role models. Nowadays, exhibitions throughout the world are putting women’s creative work under the spotlight and recounting the history of design in a fresh way. At the same time, museums are critically reappraising their own collection practices.

Christien-Meindertsma; Bauhaus

The aim is to consider gender-specific and feminist approaches as part of “the bigger picture” of social transformation, by reflecting on questions of gender relations and diversity, social justice in political and economic power structures, and ecological and economic sustainability.

“The Bigger Picture” at the Gewerbemuseum Winterthur complements the Vitra Design Museum’s “Here We Are! – Women in Design from 1900 to the Present” exhibition through additional projects, collaborations and guest commentaries, thus providing a forum for a contemporary and forward-looking discussion.

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